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Gordon Goes Skiing illustrated book cover

The Adventures of Gordon the Canada Goose – Gordon Goes Skiing

Gordon is a young Canada Goose. He lives with his family on the shores of Lake Okanagan and British Columbia. As winter approaches he is thrilled at the prospect of flying south. When his father tells him that there is no need to fly south (because they have lots of food and the temperature stays fairly mild) he sets off on his own to explore the Okanagan Valley. When he lands on a ski hill populated by humans dressed in brightly coloured clothes, the adventure begins. With a little help from a ski instructor, Gordon learns a few foundational skills: stopping (in a snow bank), snow plowing, and even riding a chair lift!

Linda Lovisa is a professional artist who is well known for her landscape paintings. This is her first picture book.

Classroom Connections: Gordon Goes Skiing is an entertaining and colourfully illustrated picture book. It would make a great read aloud in primary classrooms and lends itself to practising a number of reading strategies: asking questions, making connections, and making predictions. The illustrations are full of humorous little details and help convey the meaning of the text for younger readers. Gordon Goes Skiing could also be an effective starting point for discussions around picture making and the use of watercolours in the classroom. [Review by Brenda Boreham]

Gordon Goes Skiing

Gordon Goes Skiing is an 8 x 10 soft cover book with a soft touch satin finish and is 58 pages in length. Illustrations were made using watercolour.