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Autumn stroll in Glen Canyon painting from Linda Lovisa's art class

Virtual Demonstration Classes ~ Meet artists from other communities

Online Zoom Classes – July & August, 2024

July 2 ~ Picking Berries

I love picking berries; whether I am picking at a U-Pick farm or out in the woods. It can be back-breaking if you are picking northern wild blueberries or strawberries but the taste is unbelievable. When I moved to BC, I discovered blackberry, huckleberry and thimbleberry picking! So delicious. Do you like wild berry picking?

July 9 ~ Blue Jeans

Now here is a topic I have not done in a very long time. Years ago, I painted a pair of blue jean overalls hanging on a post. I wish I still had that reference. Where will your blue jeans be? I will introduce one of my favourite colours Indantherene blue. It is not a colour I have on my palette regularly but I have it in my paint box for special topics such as this one. Prussian blue is another blue that works really well for painting that blue jean blue.

July 16 ~ Fishing

Fishing from a boat or from shore. My son has taken up trout fishing but I don’t have any photos of him casting. I do have a few other references I can use. I think this will be a fun topic for us to explore. I look forward to sharing some tips with you. How do you choose your reference? If it is your own photo there is nothing to worry about. Make sure you are not using published photos from a fishing or outdoor magazine. If you do make some changes so that nobody recognizes it. Many years ago, early in my painting career, I was inspired by a Duck’s Unlimited photo. I painted it as I saw it, I regretted it as everyone who saw the painting would mention they had seen that photo. It was not long after that that an established artist told me that it was a no, no.

July 23 ~ Birdbath in a Garden

I have several birdbaths in our yard. Many different types of birds visit it, including a local squirrel. The birdbath is such a source of entertainment while relaxing in the garden. Especially when the robins are in it splashing around. The birdbath often needs refilling after they leave. I love the reflections from above on the surface of the water. It changes as the sun moves around. If you don’t have a birdbath, ask a friend or neighbour. You will be sure to find that one of them has one that you can use as a reference.



July 30 ~ Beach Day, Hat and a Towel

By the time we reach the end of July, the heat is on and it is time to head to the beach. Grab your towel, a hat and whatever else you need at the beach. We will be playing with a lot of different textures with this topic. The fabric of the towel, perhaps the straw from a woven hat, sunglasses, and sand. Are you in the full sun or set up in the shade, perhaps partial shade. This is bound to be a fun colourful scene to paint! Beach towels have fun patterns on them.

August 6 ~ Raven/Crow

I enjoy painting these birds. They have so much personality. There are so many different colours in their plumage. When the light hits those feathers, you can see teal, purple, violet tinges within the blacks. They are far from black. We had the pleasure of observing a couple of juvenile ravens one summer. They were so comical and so curious. This class will involve, ivory black. Most of you have this colour in your paint box. Time to dig it out!

August 13 ~ No class this week

I will be gathering inspiration on Lake of the Woods

August 20 ~ Nocturne

The first thing that comes to mind is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. There are many of the masters who painted night scenes. A more modern artist who painted primarily evening scenes is Terry Redlin. Check out his collection of work online. I will be choosing a photo from my Northwestern Ontario trip of a campfire for this class.


August 27 ~ Country Mailbox

They used to line country roads. They are a rare sight nowadays. I will have to dig into my old photos box of when I lived outside Ottawa. When we moved into our country house, we had one. Flag up – you’ve got mail! Once settled into our home, I painted it red as it was pretty rusty. It looked great at Christmas time when I used to decorate it with boughs and a big red bow. There might be a photo of it somewhere…..if not, I can search online and I am sure I’ll find something suitable.


See you online soon!

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