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In-Person Art Classes

In-Person Art Classes, Painting Workshops, Demonstrations & Artist Talks with Linda Lovisa

A close-up of Linda Lovisa leaning on a tree and holding three brushes.


Linda has a vast experience and is well-known for her Artist Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops which she delivers upon request anywhere in Canada or the World.

She is known for her acrylics but also teaches watercolour and pastel. Landscapes, skies and trees are her favourites to paint. Linda has explored a wide range of subjects in her years of experience and can lead you to a successful painting in various topics such as flowers, wildlife and portraits. She can also demonstrate many different techniques such as double and triple loading of brushes, palette knife, why blocking in is so important and the use of more paint!
Linda is well known for her sense of colour. Her direct approach to painting creates fresh vibrant colour while using a limited primary palette.

From children to adults, Linda is able to help any level of artists!
She also organizes her own workshops under her company name Natural Transitions Art Studio.

Access To Linda’s In-Person Art Classes & Services

Please contact us for information, requests and bookings for In-Person Art Classes, Artist Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops at your own facility.

In-person art classes are on pause during COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings. Check back on Facebook to learn when in-person classes will be available!

Past Workshops, Talks And Demonstrations

This page is in the process of being updated. Past workshops, Artist talks and Demonstrations will be listed here. Thank you for your patience!


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