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Majestic Wonder painting by Linda Lovisa

Majestic Wonder

This cedar tree is alive and well in the Ancient Forest between McBride and Prince George. It is over 1000 years old.  Imagine what is has survived and sheltered in its life and continues to do. I believe the relationship between these trees and Devils club has helped saved this forest. Without biologist Mr. Davies battle to save these trees, this forest would have been logged in 2005. So thankful he was determined to protect this rare interior rain forest.

When I walk into the old growth forest I am truly in awe of the size of the old growth trees. It is so spiritual, it is like walking into a living church. Sacred and yet they are cut down everyday….

I had to paint this tree large scale and it is not full scale! I would have needed a 14 ft long canvas! I paint these trees in hopes to remind people of how few there are and bring awareness to how valuable they are living, not cut down. I commend Prince Rupert for thinking outside the box. They created tourism around visiting these giants on the island. People are arriving to visit them from all over the world! So much better than making a piece of furniture.

Medium: Acrylic
Size: 60x84