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Autumn stroll in Glen Canyon painting from Linda Lovisa's art class

Virtual Demonstration Classes ~ Meet artists from other communities

Online Zoom Classes – April to June, 2024

Apr. 30 ~ What About Whites?

Titanium white, Transparent Mixing White, Warm White, Unbleached White, Flake White, Zinc White, Parchment White

What is the difference between your titanium white and mixing white? Are unbleached white and parchment white the same? What about warm white, how is it different? Which is the brightest of whites? These are some of the questions I will be happy to answer for you.

May 7 ~ Pallete Knife Landscape

Palette knife painting is a perfect way to loosen your stroke. You have no choice but to use more paint. I will show you some of my favourite knife shapes and demonstrate how to load your knives with paint. I like to make heavy deposits of paint on the canvas, then I move it around. I also give my canvas a tonal wash and map out the scene ahead of time with my ¾ inch brush. It depends on the scene as to which colour to use for the tonal wash. When in doubt use cad. yellow medium.

May 14 ~ Still Life with Garden Gloves and Tools

This is a fun topic. At this time of year, it is all about getting outdoors. So, while you are working away in your garden, take time to set up a still life with garden gloves and tools. My garden gloves are tattered and old looking. I think they will make an interesting topic!

May. 21 ~ Spring Greens

Exploring forests at different times of the year, you get to witness the various transformations across the seasons. In the spring, the greens are so bright and fresh.  Different plants and trees sport different colours. This really helps to create depth when dealing with so many different greens! Spring greens are a challenge for many painters. How do you make them look natural? Be prepared to experiment with many different yellows and blues, cool greens and warm greens. How do you create that balance without making them look garish? I’ve had many hours mixing greens. It is still one of my favourite colours to play with – yellow and blue.

May 28 ~ The Family Pet

Dog, cat or another furry friend. This will be portrait focused. So, get your camera out and take several photos. Sleeping, alert, smiling happily are all great for this topic. Beginning with basic shapes I will demonstrate using my dog. I will list some key things to remember in the introduction before class such as direction of fur, brushes best suited for fur, and different techniques to achieve painterly or realistic representations.

June 4 ~ Country Road

I love painting roads. There is always an inviting road to paint from a country drive. Sometimes they are lined with trees, fences, fields with buildings in the distance, they can be hilly, curved, or perfectly flat. Now doesn’t that country drive sound fun!

June 11 ~ River with Cascades

This class will be zoomed from Fort Frances in Northwestern Ontario! On the way to Fort Frances from Winnipeg, a must stop is Rushing River. It is so picturesque no matter the time of year. The river will dictate this class. You never know if it will be roaring or gentle cascades. It will all depend on the spring rains.

June 18 ~ Layers of Mountains

Capturing layers of mountains is all about creating a palette of varied values of mauves, purples, violets and blues. If they are very distant, they will slowly disappear into your skyline. Something closer may have more detail in the foreground becoming less and less as they disappear. No mountains in your area, this class is also great for rolling hills as well.

June 25 ~ Lemon Party

Still life with lemons, lemonade stand in your neighbourhood, a glass jug with lemonade, are all topics to ponder over. I’m looking forward to that fresh scent when I slice into a lemon or two for this class.


See you online soon!

I am always looking for your input for future classes. Please submit your suggestions or requests before June 11th.

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Tuesday Afternoons

12:30 – 1 pm (Pacific time) –  Meet, Greet, and Share

1 – 2 pm – Demonstration.  During the demonstration, the chat box is available for questions and they will be addressed during that time and/or afterwards.

2 – 2:30 pm – discussion time, questions, and extensions of the demonstration are addressed.


Art classes with Linda Lovisa are followed by a recorded video and include one-on-one coaching, tips to remember, and a written extension for your reference.

Cost is $35 per class (includes video, introduction to the class, and recap afterwards). 

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