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Autumn stroll in Glen Canyon painting from Linda Lovisa's art class

Virtual Demonstration Classes ~ Meet artists from other communities

Online Zoom Classes – March & April, 2024

Mar. 5 ~ Orange and Blue

What comes to mind when you think of orange and blue? Compliments? Yes, they are. How do they work together? Have you thought about creating a landscape painting using orange, blue, white and black? Yes, I did say black! I will be using ivory black in this session as it is most common in our paint boxes. I hope you will join me exploring a landscape with this palette of colour.

Mar. 12 ~ A Bucket

Now this is an unusual topic! ‘A bucket.’ you say??? Well, there is a lot to be learned from painting a bucket. Importantly, there is the challenging aspect of achieving the correct perspective. There are many types of buckets out there. You might think, ‘how boring, a bucket’, but not all buckets are alike. Some are shiny, some are rusty and deformed, some have wooden handles and some have just a wire. And…. what will be in your bucket, if anything at all?

Mar. 19 ~ Reflections in a puddle

While out for a spring walk this year, check out the reflections in a puddle after a rain. Whether you are in a city or on a forest path, if you happen to peer into a puddle will be some interesting things to see. It will change the way you view your surroundings.

Mar. 26 ~ Look up; WAY up!

Have you ever wanted to paint while looking way up into the trees? Getting the correct perspective can be a challenge. If you are doing something with multiple trees, do a sketch in your sketchbook. Creating those lines will help you get off to the right start. Sometimes your mind tricks you into thinking they are straighter than the actually are. Use a straight edge to find your angles. In the beginning, pretend your trees have no branches. This helps tremendously.

Apr. 2 ~ Bleeding heart flowers

I have bleeding heart flowers in my garden. They bring me so much joy every spring. They are one of the first flowers to bloom and they stay blooming for a long time. I have two colours:  white and the pink. They are both very pretty. There are several different types; even a blue variety, which I have not seen yet! I will search for a blue one this spring for my garden. They are a very delicate graceful flower with pretty shaped leaves. I will use a small canvas for this class. I fancy a botanical series.

Apr. 9 ~ Horses in a Pasture

There is something very peaceful about horses grazing in a pasture. You can stare at them for long periods of time. Horses have been a popular topic in art for centuries. In this class it is the mood of the moment I will be trying to capture. This class is a landscape with horses; not a portrait of a horse.

Apr. 16 ~ Orchid

This is a flower we have grown accustomed to in our homes. When I was a child, I only saw photos. It was when I was in my 20s working in a flower shop that I saw my first orchid. I had no idea they came in so many different shapes and gorgeous colours. What a luxury it was to purchase one and to bring it into my apartment at the time. Now we see them everywhere, they are as common as the rose. I buy one every so often while waiting for the current one to bloom again; and, I still feel that same feeling I had when I first brought one home all those years ago.

Apr. 23 ~ Mountain Bluebird

The first mountain bluebirds I saw was after I moved to British Columbia. It was in April when I was hiking and all of a sudden, I saw flashes of the brightest blue fly swiftly past me. I had to look it up in my bird book as soon as I got home. I was familiar with bluebirds, but not all blue. That is when I learned that there are two types: Mountain bluebirds and Western bluebirds. l thought this would be a perfect topic for this time of year. The challenge here will be to capture all those gorgeous blues!


Apr. 30 ~ New Forest greens

When exploring forests at different times of the year, you will witness the various transformations that occur through the seasons. In the spring, the greens are so bright and fresh. It can be a challenge trying to paint a scene with those brighter greens. Different plants and trees sport different colours. This really helps to create depth when dealing with so many different greens!

See you online soon!

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